Certification fees and deadlines are also available in the OSCS Handbook or as a PDF of fee changes as of July 1, 2019.

Payment: At this time, only checks are accepted. Make payable to "Oregon Seed Certification Service" and send directly to:
Oregon Seed Certification Service, Oregon State University, 31 Crop Science Building, Corvallis, OR 97331-3003 .

Refunds: To be eligible for refunds, seedling and/or seed crop applications must be withdrawn prior to field inspection. The initiate refund, seed grower must submit a written request to Seed Certification for a refund (a special request charge will be withheld for processing). No refunds on rejected fields, either seedling or seed crop.

Application submitted within 60 days after planting $50.00 / field
Late sign-up: 61 - 120 days after planting $70.00 / field
Late sign-up: 121+ days after planting $100.00 / field
Re-inspection of seedling $40.00 / field
Re-inspection signed up after the date specified rejection notice $60.00 / field
Establishment of Crop History (ECH) - Perennial ryegrass only $50.00 / field
Pre-plant Inspection $50.00 / field
Modified Land History (MLH) - includes pre-plant inspection
Late requests requiring added inspections will be assessed an additional $50.00.
$65.00 / field
Minimum charge for all crop inspections $50.00 / field
Seed stock class (Foundation / Pre-Basic, Registered / Basic) of Grass, Beets, Beans, Alfalfa, Clovers, Vetches, Sunflower & Stolon Beds $65.00 plus
per acre fee
Certified class (Blue tag) Grasses, Legumes, Small Grains, Sugar Beets, Kale, Stolon Beds & Miscellaneous crops
Certified class (Blue tag) Beans, Chickpea, Sunflower, Hybrid Annual Rape / Type Canola
$3.90 / acre
$4.90 / acre
Pre-Variety Germplasm increases $3.90 / acre
Late sign-up fees: 1 - 50 acres $37.50 / field
additional fee
Late sign-up fee: 50+ acres $0.75 / acre additional fee
Re-inspection of crop $40.00 / field
Re-inspections signed up after the date specified on the rejection notice $60.00 / field


All Grasses and Legumes, Beans, Beets & OECD3 crops $0.29 / cwt - sampled4,5
Re-Samples for all Grasses, Legumes, Beans, Beets, & OECD crops $0.07 / cwt - sampled5,6
minimum $20.00 / lot
Cereals $0.19 / cwt - sampled4
OECD Certificates: 5,000 pounds or less7 $35.00 / each
OECD Certificates: 5,001 pounds or more7 $60.00 / each
Second Issuance of Tags4 $0.06 / tag
Additional Charge for Adhesive Tags $0.10 / tag
Pre-Printed Tags on Seed Containers4 $0.03 / tag
Revising OECD Certificates $30.00
Field Status Reports for Contractors $30.00 (up to 25 pg)
$60.00 (over 25 pg)
Special Inspections or Audits4 $70.00 / hr + OSU mileage & per diem
Special Requests - Process review of Reissuance / Blends / Mixtures / Coated Seed & other manual reviews or entries $35.00 / each
Movement of Untagged Seed Lots (no charge when using eCertification) $15.00 / request


1 Check specific crop standards for special requirements
2 Contact OSCS for current fee list for corn, potato, and mint
3 OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
4 $30.00 minimum charge
5 Additional charge for lots tagged in 25 pounds or less, $0.07/tag (min. of $35.00)
6 $15.00 minimum charge
7 An additional OECD assessment will be billed on each OECD seed lot, as assessed by USDA-OECD authorities. Current assessment is: $0.15 / cwt for grasses, cereals, legumes, brassicas, beets, sunflowers, and mixtures; $0.26 / cwt for corn. These charges to be billed in addition to other listed fees.


Sign-up Deadlines1

Seedling Inspection: Within 60 days of planting, unless otherwise noted below.
Within 15 days for Alfalfa planted between January 1 and July 1
Within 15 days for Red Clover planted between April 1 and July 1
Within 15 days for spring-planted Camelina
Within 30 days for spring-planted Utah Sweetvetch & Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Modified Land History and Pre-plant Inspections: Within 60 days of planned working of ground (see procedures).

Crop Inspection:
March 15: Chickpea, Field Pea2, Mustard, Oil Rape, Hybrid Annual Rape / Type Canola, Sunflower, Hybrid Sunflower; or within 30 days of planting if after March 1.
April 15: Chicory, Flax, Grasses (not Bermudagrass, Seashore Paspalum, Sudangrass or Teff), Buckhorn Plantain, Kale, Little Burnet, Meadowfoam, Radish2, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Sugar Beets, Swede, Turnip, Legumes (not Alfalfa, Field Bean, Field Pea, Red Clover, Soybean2 or Trefoil) Utah Sweetvetch
June 15: Alfalfa, Bermudagrass, Buckwheat2, Red Clover, Safflower, Seashore Paspalum, Soybeans2, Sudangrass2, Trefoil, Field Bean2, Teff2

Small Grains and Small Grain Identity Preservation
Seedling application: When required (see Small Grain Standards) to be submitted within 60 days of fall planting (or earlier if row closure is expected to occur rapidly), or within 15 days of spring planting.
Crop application: April 15 for fields planted on or before January 31; June 1 for fields planted February 1 to May 17; within 15 days of planting for fields planted after May 17.

1 Field must be ready for inspection, including isolation stakes, at final sign-up deadlines.
2 Buckwheat, Field Beans, Field Peas, Soybean and Sudangrass planted after crop sign-up deadline must be signed up within 15 days after planting. Teff must be signed up within 10 days of planting. Radish must be signed up within 30 days of planting.