Seed Certification in Oregon

The Oregon Seed Certification Service provides a service to the public for the maintenance and increase of quality seed and propagating material. The service is provided to ensure varietal purity and seed quality through review and retention of crop production records and a series of field and laboratory evaluations.

Scope of the Program

The Oregon Seed Certification Service certifies approximately 250,000 acres of seed crops annually. This acreage represents 50 different crop species. Twenty-five hundred seed growers, 382 seed warehouses and 237 contractors are involved in the Oregon Seed Certification process. Current information is available in the Annual Reports section of this website.


Varieties currently eligible for certification in Oregon are found on the Varieties page.

Standards, Eligibility, and Fees

Oregon Seed Certification rules and requirements applicable to all crops can be found in the general Oregon Seed Certification Service Handbook.  Standards for individual species can be found on the Crop Standards page.

The Oregon Seed Certification Service is funded by fees paid by participants in the program. Fees are assessed on the acres entered in the program, and the pounds of seed sampled for final certification evaluation. Specific costs are outlined on the Fees and Deadlines page.All applications are made through the OSCS eCertification page.  Applicants must login to request services; new clients can request a pin online.


OSU Seed Laboratory

Association of Official Seed Certifiying Agencies (AOSCA)

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Other Agencies and Websites