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Listing of all varieties in the Oregon Seed Certification program (pdf)
For a complete and current listing of varieties added since the last official publication, please see E-Certification.


Variety Application Process (pdf)

     Application Instructions for Certified Grasses (pdf)

     Experimental Line Application (MS Word)

     Certified Variety Application (MS Word)

     Variety Ownership Declaration (MS Word)

Variety Fluorescence Levels (pdf) Recognized by the AOSCA National Grass Variety Review Board (as of February 2018)

OECD Seed Schemes Program

OECD Website

OECD Variety Add Form

To add a new variety or delete an old variety in the OECD Program, click on "Variety Form - PDF File" on the OECD website. Print the form, fill it out, and send it to OSCS.

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