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Certification Specialists

Dennis Lundeen, Program Manager
- OSCS Manager
- Oregon representative to AOSCA

Andy Altishin
Counties: (Lead) Washington, Yamhill, Multnomah, Columbia, Union, Wallowa, Baker, Malheur
Crops: Grasses, Small Grains, Vetch, Brassica, Sunflower, Annual Rape, Clover, Alfalfa, Radish Assists with Corn, Potatoes, Mint
- Cereals Advisory Committee (secretary)
- Sunflower Inspection Program Coordinator 
- Approved Warehouse Program Coordinator
- Isolation Lot Review Program

Mary Beuthin
Counties: (lead) Benton, Polk, Umatilla, Morrow, Gilliam
Crops: Grasses, Corn, Chickpea, Field Bean, Safflower; assists with Clover, Small Grains, Potatoes, Mint, Alfalfa
Early Sampling Program Coordinator
- Bean Inspection Program Coordinator 
- OECD Pre-Controls
- Bentgrass Certification Program Coordinator

Tami Brown
Counties: Seedstock--Statewide; (Lead) Jefferson, Sherman, Wasco, Crook, Deschutes, Wheeler
Crops: Grasses, Corn, Alfalfa, assists with Clover, Bentgrass, Small Grains, Potatoes
- Seedstock Certification Program Coordinator
- Central Oregon Counties (crop inspection coordinator)
- Corn Program Coordinator
- Grass and Legume Advisory Committee (secretary)

Terry Burr
Counties: (Lead) Clackamas, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, North Marion
Crops: Grasses, Seashore Paspalum, Mint, Potatoes; assists with Legumes, Small Grains 
- Mint Rootstock Inspection Coordinator
- Certification Activity Summary Report
- Cert-Cert Seedstock Approvals
- Potato Winter Grow-Out Program Coordinator
- Modified Land History Program--assist

Rachel Hankins
Counties: Bentgrass--Statewide; (lead) Central Linn
Crops: Grasses, Small Grains; assists with Clover, Corn, Potatoes, Mint, Sugar beets
- Transfer Certificate Coordinator
- Seed Conditioners Advisory Committee (secretary)
- Seed Samplers Training and Support
- OECD Program Coordinator 
- County Certification Budget Allocations
- Interagency Certification
- Seedling and Crop Application Review
- Variety Application Review
- OSCS Records Requests
- Field Extensions

Jeff McMorran
Counties: Potatoes--Statewide; (Lead) Klamath, Lane, South Linn; (Assist) Jefferson, Crook, Deschutes
Crops: Grasses, Potatoes, Meadowfoam, Corn
- Potato Certification Program Coordinator
- Greenhouse Advisory Committee
- Potato Advisory Committee (secretary)
- Potato Field Inspection Program
- Potato Latent Virus Testing Program Coordinator
- Potato Shipping Certificates
- Annual Ryegrass Early Tagging Program Coordinator 

Barry Schrumpf
Counties: Harney, Lake; assist in South Marion, North Linn
Crops: Forest Reproductive Materials, Native Plants (Pre-Variety Germplasm)--Statewide; assists with grasses
- Aerial Inspection and Helicopter Program Coordinator
- Forest Reproductive Materials Program Coordinator
- Native Plant Certification (PVG) Program Coordinator
- Small Grains Program--assist

John Zielinski
Counties: Marion, North Linn
Crops: Small Grains -- statewide, Grasses; assists with Legumes, Mint
- Small Grains Certification Program Coordinator
- Modified Land History Program Coordinator
- ATV Program
- OECD Post Control Program
- Small Grains Shipping Certificates


Iraj Motazedian

Seed Certification Specialist 1989-2013

Office Personnel

Brandi Cox, Office Manager
- Office Management
- Billing
- Refunds
- Certification Tag Inventories/Orders
- Review of requests for online access to certification files

Lisa Higgs, Administrative Program Assistant
- Tag Printing Coordinator
- Analyzes and Interprets Seed Lab Reports
- Mixtures, Blends, and Reissues
- General Office Support
- Advanced Tagging Requests
- Movement of Untagged Certified Seed
- Company Tag Audits
- Inventory
- Variety Files
- Potato Program Support

Mel Laam
- Tagging and Printing Specialist 
- Advanced Tagging Requests
- Analyzes and Interprets Seed Lab Reports
- Mixture/Blend/Reissue Packet Audits
- Deposits
- Refunds
- Travel Reimbursements
- General Office Support
- Handbook


Computer Information Systems

Chris Wallace, Software Engineer 
- Develop software specifically for Seed Certification
- General IT duties 

Farhad Shafa, Information Technology Manager
- IT Management

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