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Annual Certification Reports

Number of Fields and Acres Signed up by Crop Kind and Generation   2017 (pdf)   2016 (pdf)   2015 (pdf)   2014 (pdf)   2013 (pdf)   2012 (pdf)
2011 (pdf)   2010 (pdf)

Oregon Certification Acres Applied for Certification Summary    2004 (pdf)   2003 (pdf)

Variety and Acres Applied for Certification  2012 (pdf)   2011 (pdf)   2010 (pdf)   2009 (pdf)

Oregon Certification Activity Summary (all pdfs)  2017  2016  2015   2014   2013   2012   2011   2010   2009   2008   2007   2006

Summary of New Plantings by Crop Kind and Calendar Year   2013-2017 (pdf)

Public Variety Growers List (does not include addresses)  2017 (pdf)

Other Reports and Policies

Fluorescence Test of Ryegrass (pdf)

Owner and Assignee Recognized by the Oregon Seed Certification Service for Former AgriBioTech, Inc.-owned or -licensed Varieties (pdf)

Policy on Variety Ownership and Seed Source Eligibility for Varieties in the Oregon Seed Certification Service Program (pdf)

Variety Specific Standards History and Review

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