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Advisory Committees

Seed Certification-Foundation Seed & Plant Materials Board

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Cereals Advisory Committee

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Grass & Legume Advisory Committee

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Mint Advisory Committee

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Potato Advisory Committee

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Seed Conditioners Advisory Committee

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The Oregon Seed Certification Service provides a service to the public for the maintenance and increase of quality seed and propagating material. The service is provided to insure varietal purity and seed quality through review and retention of crop production records and a series of field and laboratory evaluations.

Legislative action taken in 1937 authorized and required the Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University to initiate a program for certification of seed in Oregon. This responsibility has been carried out by the establishment of the Oregon Seed Certification Service, part of the Extension Service and the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State University.

Scope of the Program

The Oregon Seed Certification Service certifies approximately 250,000 acres of seed crops annually. This acreage represents 50 different crop species. There are approximately 2500 seed growers, 382 seed warehouses and 237 contractors involved in the Oregon Seed Certification process. Detailed current information is available in the Special Reports section of the OSCS website.


The Oregon Seed Certification Service is funded by fees paid by participants in the program. Fees are assessed on the acres entered in the program, and the pounds of seed sampled for final certification evaluation. Specific costs can be found on the OSCS website under Fees and Deadlines.


The Oregon Seed Certification Service is available to the public on a voluntary basis. The application forms and requests for certification may be filed online at http://web.oscs.orst.edu/online/ or through the Oregon State University Extension Service in the county office where the crop is grown.

Specific standards for certification are available through each county Extension office, and are available in the Crop Standards section of the OSCS website.

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Andy Altishin, Program Manager
- OSCS Manager
- Oregon representative to AOSCA

Alex Albion
Counties: (Lead) Washington, Yamhill, Multnomah, Columbia, Union, Wallowa, Baker, Malheur
Crops: Grasses, Small Grains, Vetch, Brassica, Sunflower, Annual Rape, Clover, Alfalfa, Radish Assists with Potatoes, Mint
- Cereals Advisory Committee (secretary)
- Sunflower Inspection Program Coordinator 
- Approved Warehouse Program Coordinator
- Isolation Lot Review Program

Mary Beuthin
Counties: (lead) Benton, Polk
Crops: Grasses, Corn, Clover, Field Bean, Safflower; assists with Potatoes, Mint, Alfalfa
- Bentgrass Certification Program Coordinator
Early Sampling Program Coordinator
- Bean Inspection Program Coordinator 
- OECD Pre-Controls
- Seed Certification Board secretary

Tami Brown
Counties: Seedstocks--Statewide; (Lead) Central Linn, Sherman, Wasco, Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla
Crops: Grasses, Corn, Alfalfa, assists with Clover, Bentgrass, Small Grains, Potatoes
- Seedstock Certification Program Coordinator
- Central Oregon Counties
- Corn Program Coordinator
- Grass and Legume Advisory Committee secretary

Terry Burr
Counties: (Lead) Clackamas, North Marion, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, Jefferson, Deschutes, Crook, Wheeler
Crops: Grasses, Seashore Paspalum, Mint, Potatoes; assists with Legumes, Small Grains 
- Mint Rootstock Inspection Coordinator
- Certification Activity Summary Report
- Cert-Cert Seedstock Approvals
- Potato Winter Grow-Out Program Coordinator
- Modified Land History Program--assist

Rachel Hankins
- Transfer Certificate Coordinator
- Seed Conditioners Advisory Committee secretary
- Seed Samplers Training and Support
- OECD Program Coordinator 
- County Certification Budget Allocations
- Interagency Certification
- Seedling and Crop Application Review
- Variety Application Review
- OSCS Records Requests
- Field Extensions

Jeff McMorran
Counties: Potatoes--Statewide; (Lead) Klamath, Lane, South Linn; (Assist) Jefferson, Crook, Deschutes
Crops: Grasses, Potatoes, Meadowfoam, Mint
- Potato Certification Program Coordinator
- Greenhouse Advisory Committee
- Potato Advisory Committee secretary
- Potato Field Inspection Program
- Potato Latent Virus Testing Program Coordinator
- Potato Shipping Certificates
- Annual Ryegrass Early Tagging Program Coordinator 

Barry Schrumpf
Counties: Harney, Lake; assist in South Marion, North Linn
Crops: Native Plants (Pre-Variety Germplasm)--Statewide; assists with grasses
- Aerial Inspection and Helicopter Program Coordinator
- Forest Reproductive Materials Program Coordinator
- Native Plant Certification (PVG) Program Coordinator
- Small Grains Program--assist

John Zielinski
Counties: Marion, North Linn
Crops: Small Grains -- statewide, Grasses; assists with Legumes, Mint
- Small Grains Certification Program Coordinator
- Modified Land History Program Coordinator
- ATV Program
- OECD Post Control Program
- Small Grains Shipping Certificates

Iraj Motazedian
Seed Certification Specialist 1989-2013

Office Personnel

Brandi Cox, Office Manager
- Office Management
- Billing
- Refunds
- Certification Tag Inventories/Orders
- Review of requests for online access to certification files

Mel Laam, Administrative Program Assistant
- Tag Printing Coordinator
- Analyzes and Interprets Seed Lab Reports
- Mixtures, Blends, and Reissues
- General Office Support
- Advanced Tagging Requests
- Movement of Untagged Certified Seed
- Company Tag Audits
- Inventory
- Variety Files
- Potato Program Support

- Tagging and Printing Specialist 
- Advanced Tagging Requests
- Analyzes and Interprets Seed Lab Reports
- Mixture/Blend/Reissue Packet Audits
- Deposits
- Refunds
- Travel Reimbursements
- General Office Support
- Handbook


Computer Information Systems

Chris Wallace, Software Engineer 
- Develop software specifically for Seed Certification
- General IT duties 

Farhad Shafa, Information Technology Manager
- IT Management

Inspection Areas

Who is my inspector?


Inspector areas

For more information, please contact the Seed Certification office.