The Publications section of our website has been broken down into six categories.  The categories and their division reasoning follows:

Handbooks: the OSCS Handbook, the Potato Directory, and Mint Standards

Guidelines: instructables, informatives, and other publications intended to guide people

Fees & Deadlines: a list of fees and deadlines used by OSCS

Forms: printables used to obtain tags or information from us.  These can be filled in either on the computer or by hand and then faxed or e-mailed to us.

Varieties: applications for variety acceptance, information about varieties (not standards), and Variety Fluorescence Levels

Special Reports: reports published by OSCS usually on an annual basis.  We have some past documents available online, at least the previous year and sometimes two or three previous years.

Fees & Deadlines


Also available to print in PDF format: Certification fees and deadlines

All Applicable Fees:

Make checks payable to "Oregon Seed Certification Service" and send directly to:
Oregon Seed Certification Service, Oregon State University, 31 Crop Science Building, Corvallis, OR 97331-3003

Application fees: Seedling, Pre-Plant, and Planting Inspections*

Seed Crop


To be eligible for refunds, seedling and/or seed crop applications must be withdrawn prior to field inspection. The initiate refund, seed grower must submit a written request to Seed Certification for a refund (a special request charge will be withheld for processing). No refunds on rejected fields, either seedling or seed crop.

Additional & Special Fees


Sign-up Deadlines1


Extension Office Phone Numbers by County

Phone numbers (pdf)


Advance Tagging Request (writable pdf)

Alfalfa Hay Bloom Inspection Request (pdf)

Early Sampling Application (pdf)

Early Sampling Request (writable pdf)

Potato Field Inspection Application

Potato Grower Tag Order Form (pdf)

Mint Field Inspection Application (pdf)

Mint Greenhouse Inspection Application (pdf)

Movement of Untagged Certified Seed (writable pdf)

OECD Pre-Control Application

OECD Tag Order Form (pdf)

Oregon Tag Order Form (pdf)

Pre-Variety Germplasm Request for Information (Word)

Pre-Variety Germplasm Tag Request Form (Word)

Request for a Certified Blend (pdf)

Request for a Certified Mixture (pdf)

Request for Certification Approval (pdf)

Request for Reissue of Certified Tags (writable pdf)

Seed Crop Special Circumstances (writable pdf)

Warehouse Inspection Application (pdf)

Log Sheet for Company Tag Audits (Excel)


Crop Guidelines

Early Sampling (pdf)

Establishing Crop History (pdf)

Modified Land History (pdf)

Seedling Inspection Summary

Seed Processing and Sampling Guidelines

Blends (pdf)

Company Tag Printing (pdf)

Guide for Certification Samplers and Taggers (pdf)

Interagency Certification (pdf)

Mixtures (pdf)

Online Mixture Authorization (pdf)

Resample-Retests (pdf)

Tag Reissue Instructions (pdf)

OECD Lot Size information 

OSCS Policies

Policy on Variety Ownership and Seed Source Eligibility for Varieties in the Oregon Seed Certification Service Program (pdf)

Useful Tips

How to booklet

Oregon Quadrant Explained

Online Crop Signup Guide

Mapping options

TRS Map (Willamette Valley)

TRS Grid

Finding your TRS


General CertificationHandbook



Special Reports

Annual Certification Reports

Number of Fields and Acres Signed up by Crop Kind and Generation 2018 (pdf)  2017 (pdf)   2016 (pdf)   2015 (pdf)   2014 (pdf)   2013 (pdf)   2012 (pdf)
2011 (pdf)   2010 (pdf)

Oregon Certification Acres Applied for Certification Summary    2004 (pdf)   2003 (pdf)

Variety and Acres Applied for Certification  2012 (pdf)   2011 (pdf)   2010 (pdf)   2009 (pdf)

Oregon Certification Activity Summary (all pdfs)  2018  2017  2016  2015   2014   2013   2012   2011   2010   2009   2008   2007   2006

Summary of New Plantings by Crop Kind and Calendar Year   2013-2017 (pdf)

Public Variety Growers List (does not include addresses)  2017 (pdf)

Other Reports and Policies

Fluorescence Test of Ryegrass (pdf)

Owner and Assignee Recognized by the Oregon Seed Certification Service for Former AgriBioTech, Inc.-owned or -licensed Varieties (pdf)

Policy on Variety Ownership and Seed Source Eligibility for Varieties in the Oregon Seed Certification Service Program (pdf)

Variety Specific Standards History and Review


Listing of all varieties in the Oregon Seed Certification program (pdf)
For a complete and current listing of varieties added since the last official publication, please see E-Certification.


Variety Application Process (pdf)

     Application Instructions for Certified Grasses (pdf)

     Experimental Line Application (MS Word)

     Certified Variety Application (MS Word)

     Variety Ownership Declaration (MS Word)

Variety Fluorescence Levels (pdf) Recognized by the AOSCA National Grass Variety Review Board (as of February 2018)

OECD Seed Schemes Program

OECD Website

OECD Variety Add Form

To add a new variety or delete an old variety in the OECD Program, click on "Variety Form - PDF File" on the OECD website. Print the form, fill it out, and send it to OSCS.